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on “something in the letters

reading The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. result: somewhat disjointed thoughts, vague confusion and dissatisfaction (with myself? with the book? who can tell…)

only one third of the way in, which means I don’t want spoilers and I will mention spoilers. if you don’t mind that, continue.

Peter Keating. manipulative, but passive, almost naive. mean, not in the mean kid on the playground sense, but in the small, petty sense. perhaps it’s that his frame is too small, that he has a world in which he fits, and he knows how to rule it, but he can’t change it for the anomalies of the world, for the Howard Roarks and the Dominique Francons and the Ellsworth Tooheys. but his world is complete enough for most of the world, so even as the fool he is he rises and he rules.

Howard Roark. impossible that such a creature could exist. the individual aspects, perhaps, might be parsed and diluted and recognizable, but the package together creates a monster. certainly someone in the world is truly single-mindedly focused upon their ideals. certainly someone devotes his or her life to their work. certainly someone can have such a complete understanding of humanity and yet be completely disregarding of human nature.

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