revisions and a weekend

anthology, sans binder

122: ropes, w10, exam qq THESE MIDTERMS ARE NOT MIDTERMS
127: n/a
171: hw, quiz
175: HW4
241: study site

tasks (roughly prioritized):
ropes, hw, forge, HW4
jogging, piano, knitting, swimming

revised week:
thursday— 122 (80), food (60), ropes (100), 127 (50), ropes, aha (60), ropes, 171 (30), site
friday— 241 (50), advisor, site (90), 127 (50), 122 (70), forge (30), 171 (80), Aalto, w10 (60)
saturday— forge (300), hw4, aha (120), hw7, hw
sunday— piano?, hl (120), sbuf, midterm, ???? mystery stuff i guess it’ll work out?

it’s been a while…

… therefore have more scheduling shenaniganery.

anthology, readings, w9, 171

122: ropes, w10
175: ????????? HW hopefully released Tuesday
241: study site, reading

tasks (roughly prioritized):
reading, ropes, study site, w10
jogging, piano, knitting, swimming

tentative week:
monday— completely booked for two exams
tuesday— 122 (80), reading (report), ropes, 171 (50), HL, w10 (30), 171 (30), ropes
wednesday— 241 (50), ropes (90), 122 (50), site (110), 171 (50), HOBBY (60), degeo 1, w10 (30), ropes
thursday— 122 (80), ropes, 127 (50), ropes, aha (90), ropes, 171 (30), site
friday— 241 (50), site (90), 127 (50), 122 (70), forge (30), 171 (80), w10 (60), site

Religion vs Realism: concerning the abuse of history

Have run into this multiple times, but this one in particular is a response to a comment I found on Erstwhile Tales:

Things that religion & reason working together gave us: The Renaissance, The Enlightenment. Natural Rights, including the right to choose your own religion or lack thereof.

Things religion without reason gave us: Crusades, Jihads, Witch Burnings, Rus Funeral Ceremonies, Moloch

Things reason without religion gave us: Nazi Germany, USSR, Maoism, North Korean Communism, Cuban Socialism

Extremism in any direction is a very dangerous thing.

(Erstwhile Tales, funnily enough, has nothing to do with theism or religion. It’s a collection of illustrated fairy tales. I find it pretty great.)

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notes (1)

on “something in the letters

reading The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. result: somewhat disjointed thoughts, vague confusion and dissatisfaction (with myself? with the book? who can tell…)

only one third of the way in, which means I don’t want spoilers and I will mention spoilers. if you don’t mind that, continue. Continue reading


between midterms, the release of xy, and resbang, I’m going to be busy for at least the next week and probably until November. updates resume then, possibly on a less-than-daily scale.

rationality vs goodness

I recently attended a lecture on rationality I found about as thought provoking as a sermon on adultery— in the end, I thought only to concur. yes, how fascinating, you aren’t telling me anything I don’t know, though at some point the lecturer demonstrates rationality by explaining that every now and again she will test her belief in rationality by rationally analyzing it to see if rationality is still a thing she wants to do.

this felt a little contradictory. it’s not what I wanted to talk about, though.

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